Choosing the Best Sterilization Process
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Choosing the Best Retort Sterilization Process

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Update time : 2024-06-05 15:18:30

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Sterilization retorting
 is the foundation of the food preservation industry and plays an important role in extending the shelf life of food and ensuring food safety. Therefore, it is crucial to choose an effective retort sterilization method. But there is no best sterilization process in the world, only the most suitable retorting method. No type of sterilization retort is suitable for different forms of sterilization of different products. Depending on different product applications, different product specifications and packaging materials recommend different sterilization types. SUMPOT Company will show you how to choose the best retort process for different packaging and product specifications

Types of sterilization retorts include:

Water spray retorts-indirect steam heating

Water bath retorts-indirect steam heating

Steam retorts-direct steam heating

Steam air retorts-direct steam heating
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Water Immersion Retort

There are two tanks in total. The upper tank is used to heat and store hot water, and the lower tank(retort machine) is used to sterilize the product. The sterilizing water in the upper tank is heated to a certain degree and injected into the retort machine, and the sterilization process begins. This sterilization method is more suitable for large-packaged food (more than 1 kg) because the product is completely immersed in water, and 360-degree sterilization can be carried out without dead ends, with better heat penetration and more uniform heat distribution.

If you are sterilizing products with higher viscosity, such as porridge, bird's nest, etc., you need to add a rotation function. By rotating the product 360 degrees, you can speed up the heat penetration of the product and prevent the bottom of the product from sticking.

water immersion retort

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Water Spray Retort
The spray sterilizer injects a small amount of sterilizing water, and the heated sterilizing water is evenly sprayed onto the surface of the food through a nozzle. Water spray retorting is the most widely used sterilization form. Almost all heat-resistant packaging can be used for sterilization, especially for fragile packaging, such as glass bottles and gas packaging.
Because only a small amount of sterilization water is needed, so water spray retorting is a very energy-saving sterilization method and can more effectively control enterprise costs.
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Steam Air Retort

Steam air provides heat source to the retort through two steam distribution pipes installed at the bottom. There is no need for exhaust process. The large-flow axial flow fan installed in the sterilizer fully mixes the cold air in the retort with the steam and uses it as the heat transfer medium to evenly heat and sterilize the canned food in the retort. Since the fan in the retort is carefully designed, the sterilization process does not require exhaust process. The large-flow fan can fully break up the air pockets in the air in the retort and fully mix it with the steam as the heat transfer medium for sterilization, with uniform temperature and no cold spots.

Compared with traditional steam retort, steam air retorting saves more energy and has a wider range of applications. In addition to tinplate, it can also be used to sterilize glass bottles and soft packaging products. The heat distribution is uniform and there is no noise.

Therefore, the choice of autoclave sterilization method depends on product characteristics, sterilization effect requirements, cost control, energy consumption, etc. SUMPOT Company will help you decide the most suitable autoclave type and sterilization method. Please contact us immediately!
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