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Zhucheng City Jinding Food Machinery Co., Ltd. established in 1996, headquartered in Zhucheng City, Shandong Province, with a branch in Guangzhou.
The company has formed a complete operating system integrating raw material supply, product development, process design, experimental design, finished product inspection, storage and transportation and technical services.
In recent years, the company has developed steadily and the turnover has increased year by year. At present, our products have obtained multiple certifications and are sold to Malaysia, India, the Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, etc., and also have obtained a series of product and performance invention patents.
With strict quality control, 24-hour after-sales service and continuous innovation of new products, the company has created our trustworthy Sumpot retort sterilizer and is favored by market and highly appreciated by peers.
As an industry leader and industry standard maker, Zhucheng City Jinding Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has been focusing and dedicating to food retort autoclave sterilizer manufacturing.
To escort food safety, build a "firewall" for food safety, and guard "safety on the tip of the tongue".


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Our Equipment

We specilize in various type of retorts including water spray retorts,steam retorts,water immersion retorts,steam air retorts and automated canning line retort systems.

Water Spray Retorts (Full Spray)

SUMPOT water spray retorts are capable of processing all types of soft pouches, plastic trays,glass jars,bottles and metal cans. Even heat distribution in both heating and cooling,faster Heat Penetration and energy efficiency.

Water Immersion Retort

SUMPOT water immersion retort is designed for the breakfast porridge (also applies to the high viscosity, granular products, such as jam, fruit milk, milk drinks)absorbed new science, meet the various market demand.

Tuna Fish Precooker

The tuna vacuum pre-cooker cooler is a revolutionary tuna cooker that integrates three functions: cooking, pre-cooking, and cooling. Utilizing this new technology enables energy-saving and can also reduce the oxidation of any type of fish, including tuna.

Water Spray Rotary Retort Machine (Full Spray)

To get a movement during sterilization, better heat penetration to shorten sterilization time. Keep foods in good taste. Avoiding surface over cooking at the same time. Mainly designed for sticky content food, such as baby food, and paste.

Swing Head Loader And Unloader

High Automation and Production Efficiency, Reduce Labor Cost and Intensity, Ensure Safety Level

Automatic Canning Line

SUMPOT retort canning line is a reliable and efficient way to process canned/bottled food products, and it is ideal for businesses that need to process large volumes of cans on a regular basis.

Application Industry Beverages Meat Products Canned Foods Pet Foods Sauces Seafood Baby Foods Snack Foods

Capable of processing rigid packaging including tin cans,PP bottles,PE bottles etc.

Automated Canning Line

We specialise in providing complete line design and manufacturing, upgrading automated production lines. This is a fully automatic cans or bottle loading line, it will automatically place products on the retort baskets, which greatly saves time and labor and improves productivity.

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Capable of processing a wide range of soft packaging including pouches,bags,trays etc.

Automated Pouch Loading System

This is a fully automatic pouch or aluminium tray loading line, it will automatically position products on the retort tray, which greatly saves time and labor and improves productivity.

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Full Automatic control System

Automatic Control

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system, namely data acquisition and supervisory control system. SCADA system is a computer-based production process control and scheduling automation system. It can monitor and control the running equipment in the field.

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We displayed our retort and loader and unloader system on 105th 2021 Candy and Wine Trade Fair

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25th Foods Ingredients China 2022 in Guangzhou

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