Tips for Selecting High-Quality Retort Machines
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Tips for Selecting High-Quality Retort Machines

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Author : SUMPOT
Update time : 2024-05-31 15:57:57

In the field of food and beverage production and packaging, the retort is the embodiment of the integration of sterilization technology and technical precision. As an indispensable technology in the food production chain, the retort achieves the purpose of sterilization by applying heat and pressure in a sealed sterilization container, extending the shelf life and ensuring food safety.

With the increasing demand for packaged food such as food safety, fresh food storage, good flavor, etc., choosing the right retort machine has become the primary decision for manufacturers. This article will give you a basic understanding of food sterilization technology from the introduction of retort machine, suggestions for purchasing suitable retort equipment, and the advantages of SUMPOT retorts.

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Introduction to Retort Machine

Retorting is the embodiment of modern food preservation technology. Through sterilization, food can be stored for a long time at room temperature without adding or adding less preservatives without refrigeration, meeting the convenience of consumers and facilitating storage and transportation.

Retort machine has a wide range of uses and can be used for canned food, soft packaging, bottles, plastic cups and other packaging forms. According to different sterilization forms, it can be divided into different series including: water spray type, water immersion type, steam type, steam air type etc. We will customize a professional sterilization solution for you based on your production needs and product specifications. Click Here to Inquire Now!

Tips to Consider Before Purchasing A Retort Machine

Before you start shopping for a retort, you need to consider the following points:

1. Production Capacity

Pr-sales site survey and planning, select the retort that meets your production needs and product specifications, and customize a comprehensive sterilization solution for you.

2. Energy Saving

Equipped with an efficient heating system, linear control of the heating process, more precise temperature control, uniform heating, effective sterilization, patented plate and shell heat exchanger, fast heating, energy saving, and reduced enterprise operating costs.

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Advanced Control System

It can monitor and accurately control processing parameters in real time, with high degree of automation, simple and easy operation, strict monitoring of product quality throughout the process, excellent manufacturing and high stability.

Strict Quality Standards

Ensure that the machine complies with international standards such as FDA, ASME, ISO and CE. The stainless steel material is corrosion-resistant and durable, and the full fault alarm function also allows users to grasp the status of the equipment in real time during the sterilization process, with high safety performance.

After-Sales Support

Our company provides nine service supports, including on-site installation and commissioning, operation training and lifelong maintenance of equipment, etc., to increase the service life of the machine and achieve efficient production.

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Features of SUMPOT Retort Machines

SUMPOT was founded in 1996 and has 28 years of experience in manufacturing food sterilization equipment. The company's equipment has passed ISO9001, CE, ASME and other international certifications. The products are exported to more than 100 countries. It is the first domestic company to obtain the export qualification of sterilizers. It produces various types of food sterilizers including: spray type, water bath type, steam type, gas-steam mixing, etc., suitable for various packaging materials including tinplate cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles, soft bag packaging, etc.

The advantages of SUMPOT retorts are as follows:

1. Innovative Design

High-efficiency heat exchange technology: research and development of plate and shell heat exchanger, ultra-long life and maintenance-free.

Advanced control system: PLC programming control, touch screen human-machine interface, remote monitoring system, automatic control, improve production management level.

2. Wide Range of Applications:

SUMPOT machines can adapt to various packaging forms, including: bags, tinplate cans, bottles, etc. Different types of sterilizers (such as spray type, water immersion type, steam type, steam-gas mixing type, etc.) meet the sterilization needs of different packaging forms.

3. Precision Control

SUMPOT independently developed a set of fully automatic linear control systems that integrate heating, constant temperature, pressurization, cooling and other processes. The system uses a PID conditioning sterilization system composed of advanced PLC system, temperature controller and proportional control valve, etc. The opening of the proportional control valve is controlled to keep the actual temperature and pressure consistent with the setting during the entire sterilization process, and the temperature control accuracy can reach ±0.2°.

4. Eco-Friendly Operations

The new generation of control distribution box is more ergonomic and uses a German Siemens touch screen. The touch screen is more convenient for operation and observation. The operating status of the equipment is displayed in an animated form on the touch screen. The working principle of the process is clear at a glance and the control is simple.

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Find High-Quality Retort Machines For You

In summary, sterilization technology has become an indispensable and important technology in the food industry. It is a leap forward in modern food preservation and extending the shelf life of products. Choosing a high-quality sterilization kettle will affect your food quality, color and taste, food safety and other factors, and will also determine whether your company can remain invincible in the severe market competition. If you are interested in food and beverage sterilization, Connect with Us Now!

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