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what is the working principle of retort canning line

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Retort canning is a method used to preserve food in airtight containers, primarily cans or pouches, by sterilizing the contents at high temperatures to destroy spoilage microorganisms, enzymes, and pathogens. Nowdays more and more enterprise are adopting full automatic canning retort system to achieve the automation production, sumpot company is the leading manufacturer of retort canning system with 28 years of experience, serving almost 1000 customers all around the world. Let us introduce the working principle of a retort canning line as following several steps:

  1. Filling and Seaming: The process begins with properly cleaned cans or flexible pouches or trays being filled with premade food products. After filling, the containers are hermetically sealed to ensure that no air or contaminants inside.

  2. Preheating: Before actual sterilization, the sealed containers go through a preheating stage. This helps to reduce thermal shock when they're exposed to high heat during the retorting process, which could otherwise damage the container or its contents.

  3. Retorting: This is the critical step where sterilization happens. Sealed containers are loaded onto racks or into baskets within a large pressure vessel called a retort or autoclave. The retort is then closed, and steam or hot water is injected to raise the temperature inside to a predetermined level (usually between 120°C to 130°C) for a specific period. The pressure inside the retort is also controlled to ensure that water boils at a higher temperature than 100°C, ensuring effective sterilization. SUMPOT company can provide the precise temperature and pressure control system to ensure the good product quality and longer shelf life.

  4. Processing Time and Temperature: The time and temperature parameters are set according to the type of food, its acidity, and the size and shape of the container. These conditions must be sufficient to achieve commercial sterility, as defined by regulatory guidelines.

  5. Cooling phrase: After the sterilization phase, the containers need to be cooled rapidly to prevent overcooking and to stop the cooking process. Cool water may be circulated through the containers to facilitate this cooling process. Sumpot company uses the lare flow water pump to achieve the fast rate of cooling result, to reduce the time and energy cost.

  6. Inspection and Labeling: Once cooled, the containers are checked for integrity (e.g., dents, leaks), and if they pass inspection, they are labeled and packaged for distribution.

    Yet sumpot company already have created multifunctional canning line per different containers, for soft packaging containers, we have regular and irregular processing lines, which can achive the fast loading unloading result before and after product sterilization, for regid containers including cans, bottles, trays, the automatic canning line also can help company reduce production cost and labor intensity.
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