SUMPOT Retort Machines: Common Questions and Answers
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SUMPOT Retort Machines: Common Questions and Answers

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Update time : 2024-05-30 10:44:53

1. Who Are We?

SUMPOT retort company was built in 1996s, Sumpot is the leading manufacturer for food sterilizing equipment in China, we offer various methods of batch retorts and continuous retort canning lines to the food manufacturing industry. Our retort machines have obtained multiple certifications including ASME, ISO9001,CE, the product complies with US FDA certification.

SUMPOT is a well-known autoclave brand at home and abroad, with 28 years of experience in food steaming and sterilization. We specialize in designing and manufacturing the most advanced autoclaves for food and beverage production. The company takes product quality and people-oriented principles as its principle, providing customers with 24-hour nanny-level high-quality pre-sales and after-sales services. All of its autoclaves meet international standard certification requirements.
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1. What You Can Buy from Us?

As you request, we will tailor a professional retort sterilization solution for your food industry. Our products include the following series:

• Automated Retort Systems: The equipment is mainly used for automatic basket loading unloading in the sterilization process of canned products. The equipment has a reasonable structural design, high production efficiency and small floor space. It uses electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic control actuators to complete various loading and unloading actions, realizes automated production, reduces the labor intensity of workers.

•Rotary Retorts: Rotary retort is mainly used to process products with high viscosity or containing solid particles, such as porridge, bird's nest products, milk beverages, etc., to ensure that these products can be evenly heated during the sterilization process to avoid stratification, precipitation or burning.

• Static Retorts: Commonly used for thermal processing delicate products or small batches, static retorts provide gentle and effective sterilization.
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Why You Should Buy from Us and Not from Other Suppliers?

Choosing SUMPOT as your partner has the following advantages:

•Quality & Reliability: Made of food-grade stainless steel, it is highly resistant to corrosion and not easy to rust. It is equipped with an advanced temperature control system, precise temperature control, effective sterilization, and complies with international food safety standards, such as ISO, ASME, CE and other certifications.

•After-Sales Support: Provide customers with professional training, fault diagnosis and maintenance services, and respond quickly to customer needs.

•Customized Solutions: A one-stop food sterilization solution provider, we understand the customer's food production needs, product types, production volume, current factory scale and whether there are future expansion plans. We recommend suitable sterilization kettles to customers and develop detailed equipment design plans.

4. What Kind of Retort Machine SUMPOT Can Provide?

SUMPOT specializes in the production of various food and beverage retorts and fully automatic retort canning lines. Our retorts are suitable for various packaging forms (such as cans, bags, bottles, plastic trays, etc.), equipped with different heat treatment methods (spray, water bath, steam, gas-steam mixing), and perfectly integrated with your production line.
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4. What Services We Can Provide? 

SUMPOT adheres to the people-oriented philosophy and provides you with 24-hour worry-free pr-sales and after-sales services, including the following:

• Consultation & Planning: Expert guidance on selecting the right retort system based on production capacity, product type, and regulatory compliance.

• Installation & Commissioning: Professional installation services to guarantee optimal setup and seamless integration into your facility.

• Training: Comprehensive training programs for your staff on machine operation, maintenance, and safety protocols.

•Process Optimization: Ongoing support to refine processes, enhance productivity, and reduce operational costs.

5. What Services Can You Enjoy When You Purchase Our Retorts?

Purchasing a SUMPOT retort machine entitles you to:

01. Pre-sales site survey and planning

02. Site planning, installation, commissioning, and user training before equipment use

03. Equipment on-site inspection

04. Scale cleaning and proportion formula provision

05. After-sales follow-up and sales door-to-door visits

06. Heat distribution or heat penetration test

07. Secondary equipment relocation and modification

08. Recall of defective equipment and parts

09. Lifelong maintenance of equipment

In short, SUMPOT is committed to providing excellent cooking technology and customer-centric services, and is your ideal partner for improving the sterilization capabilities of the food industry. SUMPOT focuses on innovation, reliability and sustainability, providing your industry with a one-stop, comprehensive food sterilization solution, allowing your food industry to remain invincible in the increasingly fierce competition.

If you are looking for food and beverage sterilization and canned sterilization loading and unloading line solutions, we will provide you with free full-scale pre-sales guidance and solution customization. In order to learn more about your product specifications and needs, please contact us immediately to get a professional solution quotation!

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