What is retorting in canning?
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What is Retorting in Canning?

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Update time : 2024-05-28 08:16:13

In the canning industry, retorting refers to the high-temperature and high-pressure thermal treatment technology used for sealed cans or bags containing food. The process involves placing a sealed container in steam or hot water at high temperatures. Autoclave sterilization is carried out by setting a certain temperature and pressure, usually 6 to 13 bar (about 87 to 188 psi), and the temperature can be up to 135°C (275°F). To kill viruses and bacteria in food that are harmful to the human body.

Regarding the topic of canned food preservation and food safety, how to reasonably sterilize canned products plays an unparalleled important role. The rapid development of food sterilization technology has completely changed the way we store and consume food, and has also enhanced consumers' Buying confidence in ready-to-eat foods. Food heat treatment and sterilization technology can not only extend the shelf life of products, but also preserve nutritional value and flavor integrity. In this article, you will learn about the complexity of canning sterilizers, their advantages, how they work, and how to choose the right sterilization equipment for your canned food industry.
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Benefits of Retorting in Canning?

Retort processing in canning has many obvious advantages, such as it can eliminate bacteria and viruses in cans, effectively extend the shelf life of food, ensure food safety, and maintain the original texture, color and flavor of food. Easy to transport and store, no need for refrigeration, suitable for modern fast-paced lifestyle.

After the canned food is heat treated at high temperature and high pressure, it can be stored for a long time without adding additional chemical preservatives, which is very useful for people who pursue a healthy life concept.

Retorting Working Principle in Canning

• Preheating: By preheating the sterilizer, the cans are gradually heated to minimize damage and deformation of the cans caused by excessive thermal shock;

• Sterilization: Depending on the contents of the can, heat treatment at a preset temperature and pressure within a certain time range can kill harmful microorganisms and viruses in the food, extend the shelf life, and ensure food safety;

• Cooling: After sterilization, the product begins to cool to prevent excessive heat treatment, protect the nutrients of the food from being destroyed, and maintain the good flavor and texture of the can;

• Exhaust: Reduce the air barrier to steam, ensure that the product is heated evenly, improve heat distribution, save energy, and avoid violent fluctuations in pressure to prevent container deformation.
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Selecting the Right Retorting Equipment for Canning

Choosing a suitable sterilizer is of great significance in ensuring food safety, improving product quality and saving energy. You should pay attention to the following aspects when choosing sterilization products for canned products:

1. Production capacity assessment: First, you need to clarify the production scale of your canned food production, such as the output that needs to be processed per day or per batch, etc. Use this to help you confirm the size and quantity of sterilization retorts, etc.

2. Product characteristics: Understand the contents of your canned food (liquid, solid, viscosity), special requirements for temperature and time, etc. These factors will determine what type of sterilization retort you need, such as water bath type, steam type , spray type, etc.

3. Heat treatment requirements: According to the canned food production standards and the characteristics of the canned content, determine the required sterilization conditions (such as sterilization temperature, pressure, time, etc.), so as to select a sterilization system with corresponding control accuracy (we have introduced linear and non-linear Two different temperature control systems).
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4. Energy consumption and efficiency: Based on the characteristics of your specific canned products, we evaluate the energy consumption of different sterilization retorts for you and recommend the best sterilization solution with low energy consumption and high efficiency. 

5. Space and layout: Make a layout based on the existing space of your current factory, select the appropriate size and quantity of sterilization retorts, and ensure that the sterilization retorts can fully and smoothly function in your canning production process.

6. After-sales service: Good after-sales service can ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment and the user's productivity. The advantages and disadvantages of a sterilization retort company can be seen in quick response to customer needs, equipment installation and commissioningequipment technical guidance and training, adequate supply of accessories, regular equipment inspection and maintenance, etc.

Above all, retort canning represents a revolution in the food preservation industry, ensuring food safety, improving product quality, and enhancing consumer confidence in canned food. By understanding the above advantages of the can retort process and how to choose suitable retort canning sterilization equipment etc., combining the characteristics and advantages of its own products, making full use of the retortential of this technology, and providing high-quality, safe and long-lasting products to the global market.
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