How Does a Canning Machine Work?
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How Does a Canning Machine Work?

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Update time : 2024-05-23 15:26:07

In terms of food preservation and food safety, the canning machine has brought rapid benefits to the canning company and revolutionized the canning industry. SUMPOT retort caning system , mainly used for automatic basket loading, transportation and unloading of canned products in the sterilization process,such as various cans and bottles.

SUMPOT retort canning system not only improves productivity and efficiency, reduces workers' labor intensity, but also improves the highest standards of food safety and enhances the profitability and market competitiveness of canning industry.

SUMPOT automated retort system canning machine

What Exactly Is A Canning Machine?

A canning machine also known as a cannery machine, which is an industrial piece of equipment designed to preserve food in cans or bottles by injecting heat and pressure through a process called canning seaming. This method seals food in airtight containers, which can effectively eliminating microorganisms and enzymes that cause spoilage, effectively ensure food safety and extend shelf life, enhance consumers' confidence in canned food diets.

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SUMPOT automated canning line


The operation process of the canning machine is not simple and usually requires many steps to complete. Usually, the pre-processed food is put into the can and sealed. Then, these sealed cans enter the retort machine for high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization. The preset temperature and pressure can effectively kill bacteria and other microorganisms in the product, ensuring the safety of canned food and extending the validity period. After sterilization cycle is complete, the cans are cooled, then labeled and packaged for distribution. SUMPOT company specializes in canned food sterilization equipment with a history of 28 years. It has rich experience in the sterilization of canned products, such as canned meat, canned fish and other products. Effective sterilization of canned food is the key to the entire canning system. SUMPOT uses advanced control systems for precise temperature and time management to ensure optimal preservation while retaining the taste, texture and nutritional value of the food. A vital part of the process, click to learn more about SUMPOT retort machines.
sumpot retort canner machine

SUMPOT is committed to innovation and customization, providing solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into any canning processing line to improve efficiency and output quality, including canned product sterilization, loading and unloading before and after canning sterilization, etc. The complete canning line does not require manual intervention, to achieve a truly fully automated and unmanned workshop, provide professional customization and one-stop services for different canning companies in terms of output, canned food type, available space and budget. Click to learn more about SUMPOT Retort Canning System
SUMPOT retort canning machine

Retort System Canning System Workflow:

1. Canned products are automatically sorted and transported into the loader;

2. Automatic bottle sorting and arrangement of canned products;

3. The robot pushes the single-layer product into the basket;

4. After the basket is filled, it is automatically transported to the retort machine through the conveyor track for sterilization;

5. After sterilization is completed, it will be automatically transported to unloading machine through the conveyor track;

6. The robot pushes the products out of the basket layer by layer;

7. Canned products are transported to downstream processes through conveyor belts;

8. The empty basket is transported to loading machine through the conveyor track for reloading.

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