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2023rd National Food Thermal Sterilization Theory And Practice Training Meeting Came To A Successful Conclusion

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Author : Jinding Food Machinery Co.,Ltd
Update time : 2023-05-17 17:28:58

The 2023rd national food thermal sterilization theory and practice training in Zhucheng Huaxi Grand Hotel successfully has been held organized by China Food Association Canning Food Professional Committee & Jinding Food Machinery Co., LTD. May 10, 2023.

This training was held jointly by Jinding company and China Food Association canning food committee inn order to meet the consistent needs of new and old customers.The purpose of this training is to improve the enterprise sterilization theory and operation level, to solve the difficult problems for the equipment usage process and maintenance, to conduct standard operation, so as to promote and improve the taste and quality of products, to create and develop a safer, healthier, more delicious food to meet the consumers. Professional and technical staff from nearly 100 enterprises in different food fields participated in the training. 


Opening Of Training Meeting

The opening ceremony of the training was hosted by department director Yang of Jinding company, then President Lin gave a speech. Sun Xiaochun, general manager of the Jin Ding company on behalf of all the employees of the company to express a warm welcome to the students all the way here, and the sincere thanks to the new and old customers for their support all the time, also Manager Sun made the simple report for goal in the future of Jinding Company.


Training site


Lecture content

President Huilin Lin explained the basic principles of thermal sterilization of canning food. The main contents included: principles of food preservation, microbiology of canning food, basic concepts of thermal sterilization and methods and steps for the formulation of sterilization regulations. Practical cases were also presented. Participants were enthusiastic about learning and exchanged ideas with Tutor Lin during breaks.

Tutor Deng explained the heat distribution of sterilization retort, the principle of food heat penetration test and the evaluation of results.

Tutor Zheng Yiying explained the specification and practical application of food thermal sterilization.

Tutor Kang Zhenhua explained the key points in pre-sterilization treatment.


Tutor answers questions

tudents actively asked questions in Q&A session, the mentor team
 interacted with the students to a high level of enthusiasm extent.



Jinding technical team explained and answered questions

The technical team composed by the Jinding company explained the daily maintenance and troubleshooting of sterilization equipment and gave professional solutions to some difficult problems.


Factory Visiting

After the training, all the students came to the Jinding factory and visited the production workshop and the company's laboratory, which enables the students to have a comprehensive understanding of each part of the sterilizer components and the production process, to make the daily operation easier and to be familiar with each module and application during maintenance.


Outline a colorful digital future

The closing ceremony was hosted by Yang Ruiqin, the department director of Jinding Company. President Huilin Lin and General Manager Sun delivered graduation speeches and presented certificates of completion to the students.

All of us at Jinding Food Machinery Co., Ltd. thank you so much for your support and hope that you can gain knowledge and use it in future practice. Let's work together to create a more brilliant future.


The training session has come to a successful conclusion

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