SUMPOT Water Spray Retort Machine
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SUMPOT Water Spray Retort Machine

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Update time : 2024-04-18 16:50:27

SUMPOT water spray retort (autoclave) machine is a type of equipment using in the food industry, which can sterilize a wide range of packaged food containers. We can offer three types of spraying water retort machines (autoclaves) in terms of various spraying method, including cascading spray retorts, side spraying retorts and full spraying retorts. We will introduce to you about SUMPOT retort machines (autoclave industrial) as below:



SUMPOT water spray retort machine just requires a little amount of hot water spray and steam to  to sterilize packaged food products, sumpot water spray retort is known as its famous energy saving and fast heating rate. Using along with our special heat exchanger, our retort machine can achieve fast heating, uniform heat distribution and even heat heat penetration, what is more, the high volume of pump makes the fast cycle possible, so the whole processing procedure is not wasting much time.


Tips for using our retort machines:

Prepare: Make sure all the packaged products are completely sealed and in good condition before they are loaded into retort machines.

Water requirement: The pure processing water is a must for processing your packaged products.

Retort sealing checking: Please check the retort chamber is sealed good, the retort door can be closed with no error.


Working Principle:

1. Water injection: Inject an appropriate amount of sterilizing water into the bottom of the retort machine.

2. Sterilization: The circulation pump continuously circulates the sterilization water in the closed-circuit system. The water forms a mist and is sprayed onto the surface of the sterilization products. As the steam enters the heat exchanger, the temperature of the circulating water continues to increase, and is finally controlled at the required temperature. The pressure in the retort machine is adjusted within the required range through the pressurization valve and exhaust valve.

3. Cooling: When the exchanger is changed, steam is stopped and cooling water is started to flow. The temperature of the circulating water is continuously lowered to the set temperature.

4. Drainage: The remaining sterilization water is discharged through the drain valve, and the pressure in the retort is released through the exhaust valve.


Advantages of Sumpot retort machine use:

SUMPOT water spray retort machines can Longer the product Shelf Life and improve product natural quality, using sumpot water spray retorts, we have 100 different recipes technology to improve your products flavor and taste.

Sumpot water spray retort machines can handle different types of packaged food containers, including tin cans, aluminium cans, glass bottles, jars, HDPE bottles, plastic trays, soft pouches etc.

Sumpot ater spray retort machines are fast heating and cooling,can save time and energy, based on different customer production capacity, we customize various volume of packaged products, sumpot water spray retort machine can hold a high volume of food containers, highly increase your business production capacity requirement.

Sumpot water spray retorts have a high safety performance, our retorts are equipped with triple safety interlocks, retort door flange is designed with a pressure relief structure to prevent the door from popping open instantly, causing safety accidents. The startup operating condition detection can avoid safety problems caused by human errors. The full fault alarm function also allows users to grasp the status of the equipment during the sterilization process in real time to handle faults at any time.

Sumpot water spray retort machine has a high degree automation level, the operator can handle our retort working process very easily, touch screen is using Siemens brand, which is very convenient to observe and maintain. The whole sterilization process is less manpower intervention, less labor intensity.

Sumpot water spray retort machine can give you excellent after sales service, such as pre-sales site surveyplanning,on-site planning, installation, debugging, and user training before equipment use, equipment life-long maintenance,after-sales return visits and door-to-door sales visits,etc.


SUMPOT water spray retort machine is the best choice for the company that needs to choose the economic food and beverage sterilization equipment, above all advantages, Sumpot water spray retorts are energy-efficient, time saving, water and steam saving, highly automated, less cost.


We have a 28-year of experience for manufacturing retort autoclaves, our equipment has exported to all over the world, also praised by both domestic and overseas customers, if you have any food sterilization questions or requirement while choosing a suitable retort machine, here is the right place for you. We provide free sterilization solution consulting for your business, we  not only sell our retorts, but also provide our professional service. You can fill out inquiry form, and we will contact you very soon.

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