Adtantages of Sumpot Water Immersion Retort Machine Use
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Adtantages of Sumpot Water Immersion Retort Machine Use

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Author : SUMPOT
Update time : 2024-04-19 11:15:53

Sumpot water immersion retort machines are capable of processing all types of packaged food products, including cans, bottles, trays, pouches, jars etc. It plays an extremely important role in the food sterilization processing industry, this type of retort equipment is especially highly efficient for handling the large packaging products that need more heating heat penetration, since the products can be soaked totally in the retort machine, the heating tank can fill the retort machine quickly, to achieve the fast heating result.

Meantime, since the products are immersed totally, with no air contact, there is no cooling air in the retort machine, so the temperature can penetrate into the products easily, to achieve the uniform sterilization effect. Hot water efficiently cycles in the retort machine, to achieve the perfect heating distribution, to ensure the best sterilization uniformity.In order to improve the heat distribution effect, we modified the top water inlet into a branch form.

A water spray box is added to the top to ensure the uniformity of front and rear water flow and improve the heat distribution effect. Through actual modeling and professional flow analysis software, we can calculate the actual flow difference, and then modify the design to achieve the final required effect. After sterilization, the sterilization water can be recycled into the upper tank, to save the water and steam energy.

Working Principle of SUMPOT water immersion retort system

1. Preheat: Inject the upper tank with water and enter steam to achieve required temperature.

2. Discharge: Introduce the water from the upper tank into the retort equipment.

3.Sterilization: The circulation pump continuously circulates the processing water in the closed-circuit system. The water flows over the sterilization products. As the steam enters the circulation pipes, the temperature of the circulating water continues to increase, and is finally controlled at the ideal temperature. The pressure inside the retort is adjusted within the required ideal range through the pressurization valve and exhaust valve.

4. Recycling: Pump the sterilizing water back to the upper tank.

5.Cooling: Cold water enters the retort machine from the top, and the temperature of the packaged products is continuously decreased. After entering the upper water level, the circulation pump is turned on to fully contact the cold water with the products to achieve a cooling effect.

6. Drainage: The cooling water is pumped out through the circulating water pump, and the pressure in the retort machine is released through the exhaust valve.

Advantages of Sumpot water immersion retort machine:

Sumpot water Immersion Retort Machines is focusing on processing different types of food products, including canned food, pouches, bottles, glass jars, trays etc.. It has an excellent sterilization scores for those heating resistance containers, especially for larger packaging products.

SUMPOT water immersion retort machine is in a high degree of safety performance,

equipped with triple safety interlocks, the pot door flange is designed with a pressure relief structure to prevent the pot door from popping open instantly. The thickness of the insulation layer outside the pot reaches 5cm, which improves product safety and prevents workers from being scalded.

SUMPOT water immersion retort machine improves the packaging products quality and shelf life, especially for those enterprises with higher requirements on product taste and color, choosing water immersion retort is an ideal way to achieve it.

Sumpot water immersion retort machine uses the water vapor mixer, which can achieve the uniform heating, narrow temperature difference, quiet operation, no hammer sound. Meanwhile, through the water-vapor mixer, water and steam are fully mixed in an instant, reducing the internal heating time of the product and improving the heat distribution performance. The temperature difference between the lowest point and the highest point is 0.21°C. The US FDA standard requirement is to reach 0.56°C.

SUMPOT retort company has been already tons of customers to enhance their food safety with our water immersion retort solutions, get the best quote now!

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