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Have friends come from far away

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Author : SUMPOT
Update time : 2022-08-12 09:51:40

Warm congratulations to the Chongqing Meat Association's Zhucheng Food Machinery Inspection Tour and Precision Matching Conference for a complete success!

During the Qingdao Meat International Industry Week on September 7, Mr. Ou Bangquan, Secretary General of Chongqing Meat Association, led more than 30 member companies to visit our association for friendly exchanges, and conducted on-site inspections on the member units of our association.

The delegation first came to Shandong Baoxing Machinery Co., Ltd., the vice president unit of our association, for a visit and on-site inspection. Mr. Qiu Xigang, Chairman of Baoxing Company, led a team to greet and personally acted as a commentator.

In Baoxing Company, Mr. Qiu led everyone to visit in detail from the finished product area to various parts and processing workshops, and explained the main performance of several major products in detail. In this inspection, the representatives also came with relevant questions. At the scene, Mr. Qiu answered them one by one. In response to the spiral hair removal machine that everyone has many problems with, Mr. Qiu took everyone to a machine that was being assembled, explained the structure, working principle and production efficiency of the machine in detail, and personally controlled it, so that everyone could understand this from the inside. product performance.

After Baoxing's visit, the delegation came to Shandong Xiaokang Machinery Co., Ltd. Mr. Sun Xuejun, chairman of Xiaokang Machinery Co., Ltd., and Mr. Sun Dejun, general manager, led a team to welcome, and Mr. Chang Wenwu, deputy general manager, led the team to explain.

In Xiaokang Company, under the leadership of President Chang, the representatives successively visited the product exhibition hall, the production workshop of stretch film packaging machine, and the production workshop of bag-type packaging machine. During the explanation, the representatives also consulted on the problems encountered in production.

In the production workshop of the stretch film packaging machine, Mr. Chang gave a detailed explanation on the production capacity of this machine, and answered the questions raised by the representatives one by one.

In the production workshop of the bag-type packaging machine that everyone is looking forward to, Mr. Chang gave a detailed explanation on the intelligence and energy efficiency of this machine, and made planning expectations for the future use of this machine. The delegates kept asking questions while watching, and exchanged views on some of their current product packaging issues. Some delegates asked technicians on the spot to calculate how much labor could be saved if the old-fashioned machines in use were replaced by modern machines. profit...

After visiting the products and production workshops of Xiaokang Company, the representatives moved to the conference room of Xiaokang Company to have an in-depth and precise discussion on the purpose of this visit and the supply and demand of both parties. The directors and above units of Zhucheng Food Machinery Industry Association participated in the escort and discussion.

The meeting began with a welcome speech by Mr. Sun Xuejun, Chairman of Zhucheng Food Machinery Industry Association and Chairman of Xiaokang Machinery Co., Ltd. In his speech, he said: Shandong is a country of etiquette, and hospitality is our fine tradition. The arrival of today's leaders, Let our well-off company flourish! You traveled thousands of miles a day from the distant Jialing River to my hometown of Confucius and Mencius, the capital of Emperor Shun, to build a bridge for the economic construction of the two places, to lead the way to promote the mutual achievements of the two industries, to promote the development of the food industry, In order to seek new development opportunities, we work tirelessly and day and night. We sincerely respect and admire the industry spirit of your association and your leaders for their courage and dedication! To this end, more than 50 member units of our association, to pursue the way of Confucian businessmen, practice the industry tenet of integrity and friendliness, provide high-quality services and implement the spirit of this matchmaking meeting as feedback, together with your association, share the responsibility , to develop together, and promote a new journey in the economic construction of the two places and the innovative development of the meat food industry. I hope that the leaders can speak directly at the following matchmaking meeting, and provide more ideas and valuable opinions. We will accept it with an open mind, work hard, and live up to our mission!

Sincerely wish all the leaders a full receipt of the trip to Shandong, I wish all entrepreneurs a prosperous business, and I wish our two associations a long-lasting friendship! 

Afterwards, Secretary General Ou Bangquan of Chongqing Meat Association asked the members of the accompanying group to make brief self-introductions and delivered a speech on behalf of the delegation. In his speech, he said: I would like to thank Zhucheng Food Machinery Industry Association and various enterprises for their warm reception. We gained a lot from our inspection trip to Zhucheng Food Machinery. I heard before that Zhucheng is a well-known food machinery production gathering place in the country. Today, I see it and it really lives up to its reputation. There are so many product categories and all varieties exceed our expectations. Although the Chongqing meat industry has a relatively large foundation, it is relatively backward in general. We came here for the purpose of asking for advice and learning. Today, we all gathered together to study and inspect, not only to understand the modern production equipment, but also to follow the expensive During the discussion and exchange, I learned about the modern production technology and processing trends, the current consumption and trend of the meat industry, and the problems that the industry will face in the future. At the same time, the development achievements of Zhucheng Food Machinery have given us a vivid and self-improvement education class. After returning to Chongqing, we must also learn the development spirit of your association and the industry, and implement the fighting spirit of serving the industry and contributing to the development of the industry. , together with industry vanguards, to jointly undertake the important mission of food development and safety.

Afterwards, the meeting entered the precise docking session. The two parties conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on some issues in production, and conducted on-site consultations on issues such as equipment use and capacity improvement. In order for the members of the delegation to have a more comprehensive understanding of the Zhucheng food machinery industry and the association, Mr. Sun Xiaochun, the executive vice president and secretary general of the Zhucheng Food Machinery Industry Association, and the general manager of Zhucheng Jinding Food Machinery Co., Ltd. gave a brief introduction to the Zhucheng food machinery and the association. , and recommended the main products of its more than 50 member units. At the docking meeting, there was a strong atmosphere of consultation and technical exchange, and everyone started detailed docking and exchanges one by one about the problems they encountered in their production.

During the heated discussion between the delegation and the delegation of our association, the main leaders of Chongqing Meat Association and our association also reached an agreement on the details of strategic cooperation and group purchase policies of the two associations in the future. Through communication, everyone can find the root cause of the problems they are facing more thoroughly, and the solution ideas are clearer. At the same time, in response to everyone's problems, it also puts forward new requirements and directions for our food machinery and equipment manufacturing. On these professional issues, we should also overcome difficulties and spare no effort for the development of the industry and the food industry. Take responsibility!

In the strong atmosphere of the scene, the Chongqing Meat Association Zhucheng Food Machinery Inspection Tour and Precision Matching Conference ended successfully...

Attachment: Introduction to Zhucheng Food Machinery Industry Association


Zhucheng was called Mizhou in ancient times. Since ancient times, it has been a place where civilization has flourished. There have been many famous people in the past dynasties. Zhang Zeduan, the author of Shanghe Tu in Qingming Dynasty, and Su Shi in Song Dynasty served as prefects in Mizhou, leaving behind the eternal famous sentence of "I hope people will live long and live together for thousands of miles". Do you know, it should be green, fat, red and thin. The stories of Li Qingzhao, Zhao Mingcheng and his wife, the Qing Dynasty scholar Liu Yong, and the prime minister Liu Luoguo are well-known stories. Wang Jinmei, the first representative of the Peoples Congress in modern times, etc. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Zhucheng government has vigorously developed industry to develop the city. Food, textile and light industry are the three pillar industries of Zhucheng's economy. The vigorous development of these industries has made Zhucheng's GDP grow year after year, ranking among the top 100 counties in the country for many years.


Zhucheng's food machinery industry came into being with the development of my country's food industry. After nearly 30 years of rapid development, it has achieved remarkable results. Several major categories of products account for nearly 80% of the country's market share. In particular, several series of sterilizers, packaging machines, meat and poultry slaughtering equipment, meat processing machinery, and cleaning products have performed particularly well: Zhucheng sterilizer products account for at least 90% of the national market share, and a complete industrial chain has been formed locally. The leading enterprises represent the most advanced technology and standard system in the industry. Zhucheng Jinding Food Machinery Co., Ltd., Shandong Zhongtai Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. and other enterprises are the drafting units of the "Standards for Sterilizer Industry", and play a mentor-level role in the industry. In recent years, sterilizer enterprises such as Zhucheng Zhonggong, Shenlong and Yongtai have performed well in their respective market fields; Shandong Xiaokang Machinery Co., Ltd. and Zhucheng Shuangchun Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. are the originating enterprises of the packaging machine industry in Zhucheng. It is also the formulation unit of the "National Standard for Packaging Machines"; the stretch film packaging machine first developed by Xiaokang Machinery, still maintains the first sales performance in Jiangbei; in recent years, it has been invested by Xiaokang Machinery Co., Ltd. and Guangyuan Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. The research and development of the bag-feeding packaging machine has gradually entered the market, breaking the monopoly situation of several southern enterprises; Shandong Baoxing Machinery Co., Ltd. and Zhucheng Zhongda Slaughtering Machinery Co., Ltd. are the drafting units of the "Slaughtering Machinery Industry Standard". , has played a key role in guiding the development of Zhucheng slaughtering machinery to standardization; several old-fashioned meat processing enterprises headed by Taihe Food Machinery and Xindeli Food Machinery have a long-standing reputation in the industry, and Xindeli and other companies are new The industry standard-setting unit for products such as mixing machines and meatball machines; Zhucheng Youbang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is the formulating unit for the group standard of "Pasteurization Cooler". The series of halogenated equipment developed by this company enjoys high reputation in Sichuan, Hubei and other provinces. The market share of Zhenghe Food Machinery is a patented product, which is unique in China and is currently in short supply.


These achievements have benefited from the guidance of the government and the continuous self-improvement and hard work of the vast number of food machinery enterprises. In Zhucheng, there are more than 1,200 registered food machinery enterprises, and more than 600 are engaged in independent production. The industry employs nearly 100,000 people, and the output value reaches 5 billion yuan; it drives the supporting industries to achieve an output value of 2 billion yuan; Zhucheng food machinery products are rich in categories, involving automatic meat and poultry breeding equipment, slaughtering and segmentation, quick-freezing and cooling, rolling, kneading, cooking and frying Frying, packaging and sterilization, cleaning and drying, environmental purification and more than a dozen categories and thousands of single products can meet all needs from a single demand to the entire processing chain to the overall plant planning.


In order to respond to the government's call, contribute to the economy, promote the progress of the industry, promote the virtuous cycle of scientific development of the food machinery industry chain, and open up a safe food machinery procurement platform for our customers. At the beginning of 2017, led by the government, many well-known food machinery manufacturers in the city The enterprise took the lead, and we established the Zhucheng Food Machinery Industry Association.


Looking back on the past, the achievements of Zhucheng Food Machinery Manufacturing Base and Supply Base are unprecedented and hard-won; looking forward to the future, there is a long way to go; Zhucheng Food Machinery Industry Association will lead member companies to continue to deepen reforms, optimize the ecological environment, and guide the entire industry to a healthier and sustainable development , Contribute to the industry and return to the market with better products, more advanced science and technology, and more perfect services!


Sincerely welcome all leaders to visit our association and its affiliated member units for guidance and seek common development!