SUMPOT Company--Leading manufacturer and supplier of food and beverage sterilization retorts in China,Food Industries latest News
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SUMPOT Company--Leading manufacturer and supplier of food and beverage sterilization retorts in China

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Update time : 2024-03-14 11:29:48
About SUMPOT company
SUMPOT is the brand of Zhuchengjinding Food Machinery Co.,Ltd, established in 1996, with its headquarters in Zhucheng, Shandong Province and a branch in Guangzhou. The company is a professional operator integrating the design, research and development, manufacturing and marketing services of food sterilization retorts and autoclave equipment. It has formed an integrated enterprise integrating raw material supply, product development, process design, experimental design, finished product inspection, production, operation, storage and transportation, and technical services. An integrated and complete company operation system.
 Series of our sterilization retort machines as followings:
1. Flexible packaging automatic loading and unloading system

The flexible packaging automatic loading and unloading system is mainly used for automatic tray loading and stacking before sterilization, automatic kettle feeding and automatic kettle unloading, and automatic tray disassembly and unloading after sterilization. The front end can be connected to the packaging machine through a conveyor belt, and the back end can be connected to the cleaning line through a conveyor belt to achieve unmanned production in the sterilization workshop. The loading and unloading equipment can automatically load trays according to different tray loading requirements through weight-based tray loading, telescopic tray placement, vacuum suction, etc., and automatically unload trays through flipping, vacuum suction, etc. The automatic loading and unloading line automatically stacks single-layer disks into a stack through a robot, and can also disassemble the entire stack of disks into single-layer disks. Through the turnover between the electric trolley and the sterilization kettle, automatic entry and exit of the sterilization kettle can be realized. The entire assembly and unloading line is controlled by an intelligent system, basically realizing unmanned production.
2. PLJ water spray sterilization retort machine

SUMPOT water spray-type sterilizing retort adopts a self-developed fully welded plate and shell heat exchanger. It has a unique fully fused fully welded structure between the plates and a protective shell of the pressure vessel, which is strong and durable. High temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and efficient heat exchange. It has a compact structure, little scaling, and can exchange heat with small temperature differences. Equipped with five-fold safety interlocking, the equipment is equipped with double safety valves to prevent safety issues from occurring during the sterilization process. According to different food processing techniques, the temperature can be raised and lowered in stages, the temperature and pressure can be perfectly controlled, the heat is distributed evenly, the pressure is controlled smoothly, the sterilization effect of each batch of products is consistent, the product packaging remains beautiful, and the deformation rate and breakage rate are reduced to the lowest lowest. It has a high degree of automation, is easy to operate and saves manpower. A variety of spray forms are available, suitable for various packaging forms.
3. CT double layer water immersion retort machine:

The water-immersed sterilizing retorts directly injects steam to heat the water in the hot water tank to a predetermined temperature, and then injects it into the sterilizing kettle. The initial temperature of the sterilizing water is high and the heat penetration speed is fast. At the same time, the sterilizing water in the retort chamber is continuously circulated and heated and sterilized through the water-vapor mixer.
The new generation of water-immersed sterilization kettle has been improved and optimized on the basis of the previous generation. Hot water power circulation, fast circulation speed, more uniform water inlet and outlet, and a water spray box on the top, which makes the heat distribution in the sterilization kettle even and ensures the uniform sterilization effect of the product. The optimized design of the pipeline uses a high-flow and low-lift circulating pump to reduce the length and bends, reducing water consumption and heat loss.
Excessive temperature and long time processing of food will cause serious loss of flavor and nutrients. Ending the sterilization process as soon as possible can better retain the original flavor and nutrients, and further increase the sterilization speed and cooling speed in an all-round way.

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